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Run DMC and Judy Garland in the same list...I wonder if that's a first for them. These are excellent choices! And of course you made me think of a bunch of others I could have added too. Maybe I should have made it a top 15 list. ;)


This is a wonderful list! Judy Garland's voice is like the breath of an angel. I loved that Run DMC song too! I had never heard this amazing version of Santa Baby. Totally amazing voice!


Merry Christmas! Santa Baby (Eartha's Version) da bomb; da bomb.com LOL Christmas in Hollis I did the same blasted it ...how else! Funny joke between you and your dad a memory you won't ever forget.

I posted one of my fav Christmas Song (but it's not a Christmas Song on my blog - go check it out )

Awesome list


I love love love that Bruce Springsteen one! And I had forgotten that RUN-DMC song even existed until now :)

Kristina Walters

That's a great list. I have one of the radio stations on in my office at work to the 24 hour Christmas music.

Janice Adcock

I read the Carter's pill joke to Gene. He giggled. Out loud. And he is still smiling. My mom would not allow liquor ever. "If you will drink a little, you will kill a little." So we just ate and ate and ate till we all were, well, fat, I mean really, Wal Mart tacky fat. But the rest of the song is spot on. We are gathering this Saturday at my sister's place near Dallas. Hop on a Southwest flight and join the fun. My 77 yr. old sis that has been married 5 times will not be attending. Her oldest is under house arrest. Really. It is all Texas.


Really good selection~

Naila Moon

Nobody else but Eartha Kitt should sing that song!
You have some truly great ones here.
I invite you to Mondays Music Moves Me.


Eartha Kitt…bringing a little warmth--OK, heat--to the season!

Lisa Frederick

Great list of songs! Thank you for this. My daughter and I just enjoyed them all. from Mama Kat's...

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