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Ginny Marie

I really wish I was one of Jude's teachers right now! One year a student's parent gave me a couple bottles of wine. :)

Emmy and I read Jan Brett's The Night Before Christmas last night. I love her illustrations. I need to go check out your book list!

Michele R.

Your vodka bottles are a great idea!! For three months I have wanted to do this with tequila and pineapple and jalapenos...and never did! Love Jude's photo. I cannot wait to hear about Mommy's reaction to her gift. When she gets the mail does she open it right away that day?


I still have several presents to wrap. I've completely given up on cards. And of course we have a Santa visit to coordinate. I do have all my shopping done. Nick does not, however. Tis the season all men procrastinate, right?

Kristina Walters

Jude's teachers are so lucky! ;) Looks like you have your stuff together. I love the fact you do the fish thing on Christmas Eve like my family does. Very cool!


Feeling pretty smug right now because I 'got' the Tennessee William's reference. Probably because I clicked yesterday. Sort of embarrassing during work. ;-)

Booze is always an appropriate gift. Don't forget your friendly librarian. We like booze as much or more than just about anyone.


I get the click ... I do I think I am starting to feel it !!!! Enjoy your Seafood Feast! Marisa

Angelina Costenaro

Booze! Yes!

I'm at the same stage in my Christmas preparations. Presents bought, but not a one wrapped.

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