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You made me giggle , I had no idea about California's weather. But your husband is very funny. Marisa

Ginny Marie

I love your California Dream! My sister comes to the Midwest for her White Christmas, and then is very happy to go back to California for the rest of the winter. ;) I agree with Marisa; Jimmy is hilarious!

Sharon, The Mayor

Your hubby is funny. I have always thought of New Yorkers as a tough weather bunch. Send hime to the mid-west for retraining!

I will take your winter any day. Snowy days filled with delays and snow plows are not fun.

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

That's too funny. I live near Buffalo, NY and I would be so happy with the kind of winters you have. I was in Anaheim at the end of January 2008 and for the first few days it was in the 40's during the day. Only when I was leaving was when it went back to the 60's. Great timing. I think the mountains have snow.


I would miss the snow--it's supposed to be cold and snowy n December--however, I could do with it being a bit warmer. This below zero stuff we have is too cold.
I do remember my first encounter with snow--in Yucipa, California when I was maybe 6. It snowed a whole two inches of very wet snow. It was pretty and wet.
Mostly I remember the rain. And it being warm enough to play in the rain in the summer. We don't play in the rain here. It gets far too cold when it rains.

Angelina Costenaro

Your husband hates the word "spoon"? That's hilarious. Why not fork? I think that word is far funnier than spoon. And good Lord, what does he do with a spork? Now that's a funny word!

I do enjoy snow at Christmas. However, that's it. By Jan. 2, I'm ready for it all to melt!


Do you sometimes follow Jimmy around the house saying the word spoon just to mess with him? I would but I'm cruel that way.

Right now I would kill for temps in the 60s. It was all of 7 degrees this morning. I suspect that this will be our first white Christmas since we were in Indiana, 9 years ago.

Janice Adcock

Well, Gretchen, it has been cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey here in the Austin area the past few days. And then there will be summer down here!
But the grandsons visited yesterday and Oldest came back just to hug us bye! Loving it!

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