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Ginny Marie

Santa brought me a new iron last year, and you're right, it's not sexy, but I love it! And oh, dear, you really do need a new toaster oven! I hope you are unplugging it before you stick a metal knife in the door! (Now I sound like my mother!)


Aw, if Birchbox shipped to Canada I'd totally be your elf... Hope Santa comes through with the lack of shoulder surgery.

Angela Death

Excellent list! I like the first pair of Uggs better than the second. The first pair seems more feminine in my opinion. I agree with Ginny that you definitely need a new toaster oven! Safety first! I'd help out with Birchbox, except that I am currently unemployed. Maybe once I find a job and get caught up on some bills I can help. Hope you get everything on your list!


Find a good chiropractor for that shoulder. They really can help. It's a good place to start,especially if you haven't injured it in any serious way.
I want a crock pot and that's really not sexy either, but I would be oh so thrilled to get one :)

Kristina Walters

I love your list! I never got into the Ugg craze. I have never heard of Birchbox either. I may have to subscribe to it. A new toaster over would be nice but I asked for a carpet shampooer. I know...sexy!

Sharon, The Mayor

Ha, items with a plug work on this end. I never turn down a new vacuum or bread maker. An iron is a different thing. I don't believe in wrinkle free, unless the tag states it. Great spin!

Angelina Costenaro

You leave bourbon for Santa?!? Ah, heck, I'll dress up in a red suit and bring you Uggs for some good bourbon. :)

Regarding the shoulder: although I have no medical degree, my advice is to keep moving it as much as you can. I had a shoulder pain a couple years ago, stopped moving it, and then ended up with a frozen shoulder. It took a year to get my flexibility back. Again, I have no medical credentials, just telling my story. :)

Janice Adcock

Your post is so fun but your wishes are all practical! Except for Jimmy. But then who does not like a great smelling husband. Here is wishing you everything on your list.



I highly recommend physical therapy or a chiropractor for your shoulder. I had physical therapy in 2012 for DeQuervain's tendinitis (felt like you described - hot t hin knives in my thumbs and wrists). Chiropractic help when I woke up one morning with extremely limited mobility on the left side of my back. I hope that it gets resolved soon!


love your Santa letter...i'm like you I don't jump on the band wagon so quickly ...heck I haven't read 50 shade of grey yet! love your list its all good things to ask Santa....


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