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Awesome ..everything looked so good! I think you were channeling an Italian lady from Naples,Calabria or Williamsburg Brooklyn I can't decide...Octopus c'mon you rock I couldn't attempt something like that.... The Pannettone Trifle looked so good wonder if I can do a tiramisu like that, using Pannettone instead of lady fingers? OMG Pinterest has so many! LOL!

Have a Happy New year !



By the way the cookbook is a great idea if you want to self publish it go to blurb.com :) Marisa

Ginny Marie

Yes, you should make a Feast of the Seven Fishes cookbook! That would be so fun! Your feast looks fabulous. The tradition of getting together with your friends is even more fabulous than the food. :) Merry Christmas, Gretchen!

Janice Adcock

Your feast put me in awe of your courageous side. How much fun it would be to bring octopus to a Rogers' Christmas. Absolutely do a cookbook. Your post with Jude at the alter brought tears to my eyes. And the rope made it all the more perfect. He is getting more handsome every day. Loved your post about the best Christmas day ever.


The cookbook sounds like a fab idea! I would buy it. I wouldn't be able to cook any of it, because the rest of my little family hates seafood (with the possible exception of the calamari), but I would stroke the pages longingly.

Judy Ring

Gretchen, you were my inspiration this year! I've wanted to try the Feast ever since I first read of it in your blog. So, I'm visiting my son in VA, with my daughter and her family joining in, there are 11 of us. We invited some friends who didn't have family around, for a grand total of 17. I did crab cakes for apps, cioppino as soup and baked salmon as entree. They loved it, but the cioppino was the favorite. Now you've set another bar to jump. Octopus carpaccio? Word!! Yes, by all means I want all of your recipes. Yes!! By ALL means you should write a Feast of 7 Fishes cook book! Are you kidding? I'm not Catholic nor Italian. But I want to adopt this tradition. So much fun and so much love shared. Write it. I can help. Let's talk.

Elizabeth Aquino

Dang! I am so impressed that I have nothing but that to write! I'm so impressed! Oh, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all things good for your family!

Angelina Costenaro

I'm both Italian and Catholic, and I've never done the Feast of the Seven Fishes! (I guess my family is more the "pollo e pasta" (chicken and pasta) type. :) Regardless of my family's lack of interest in fish, I am extremely impressed by your culinary skills. That octopus--oh my!

I'd love the panettone trifle recipe. Do you make your own panettone, or buy it at the store and then just cut it up and layer it with all the other ingredients?

Also, I'll take some of that bourbon. :) Now I know what my nativity set has been missing!

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