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Great post on Temptation and I totally get that Trader Joe thing we love all of it , the cheeses and dips yum!!!! I guess just to give in to temptation sometimes our Friday night meal is the 5 layer fiesta dip along with the mini tacos..and we are OK with that because its dinner, right? now when I shop I am pretty good with the treats at best just Ice Cream..but when hubby goes he tells me there's this lady that runs up and down the aisles throwing ring dings and yodels...I tell him throw it back at her and he says he can't :/ !
Great Post enjoy the day! Marisa


I rarely go to TJ's because it's not near. But when I do? CHEESE! All of the cheese (because our regular grocery store does not serve anything beyond cheddar or maybe a pepper jack. Because fancy they are). And we're snackers too. We try to regulate the times of day the snacks can be had, but we don't necessarily regulate the snacks themselves. We aren't big on letting the kids have candy or much chocolate but as far as cookies, chips, RICE KRISPIES TREATS? Yeah. Those. But there is also fruit. I need you to know there's also fruit.

Ginny Marie

Oh, do I ever have a weakness for Trader Joe's! We didn't used to have them in Illinois, and my sister from CA raved about TJ's. Now I have access to all that yumminess...

Sharon, The Mayor

Love Trader Joes and "shaking with desire photo." My TJ is a town away, so I can usually manage my love affair with the store. My problem is they have now started to carry some of their best sellers at the local Aldi. (Owned by the same German brothers.) Aldi's holiday display is a mini Trader Joes. My hips and wallet are going to need some serious restraint. Yoga pants are ok for holiday dinners, right?

Great post and spin.


I do love me some sweets, too. Luckily we don't have a Trader Joes nearby. But all of those pictures are making me hungry this morning....


Sigh, it's the snacks. AND munchies. And nibbles. They go so well with reading and if I'm shoving something into my face, I'm not tying knots in my hair. But if I don't want to weigh a ton, I can't snack and my hair suffers. It's a viscous circle.
I guess it's a blessing in disguise that Trader Joes hasn't come to our town. The cheese could be really dangerous. Cheese disappears in our house.

Jan's Sushi Bar

No Trader Joe's here, but I wouldn't shop there anyway. I have a standing rule that might help you - if I want something I know I shouldn't eat, I have to make it myself. No getting it prepackaged at the store.

Or it might not help; you like to cook as much as I do, and the only thing the rule has done is make me very good at making cakes, cookies, bread, biscuits, muffins, cheesecakes, candy, egg nog and ice cream from scratch. And, heaven help me, I can make them gluten and/or dairy free. *sigh*

But I'm reeeeeaaaaallly popular with friends/family/co-workers during the holidays.

Angelina Costenaro

My Italian grandfather used to sell imported cheese (from Italy, of course), and I spent several years living in Wisconsin, so to me cheese isn't a treat. It's a basic food group. No need to feel guilty about it.

Love the photos and funny captions! You must have been entertaining the TJ employees and other customers with all your photo snapping. :)

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

I totally with you there sister. Even though I have been better with my impulse control, it still dogs me. Yes, the dreaded TJ's opened their first store in my area. I have been sticking to the healthy stuff, but their treats with all of those bright colors are a beacon that screams buy me! I am a grown child in a great big candy store!


Did you buy the almond Kringle from Wisconsin that TJ's had recently? All of the clerks were raving about it, so we ended up buying several, and froze one for Thanksgiving morning. They were absolutely wonderful! If the store gets some more, be sure to buy one.

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