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Ginny Marie

I'm glad you didn't delete this, Gretchen! I love it!

(I read Arnebya's post on BlogHer, and loved it too, since my husband has people criticizing him for being too thin. I, on the other hand, don't have this problem!)

This is definitely good advice for all girls...and women. :)


A friend posted a picture to Facebook last night of us in 2008. I stared and stared because I kept thinking wow, I was really pretty. I don't feel that way now and likely didn't then. And I was probably told it and didn't believe it. It was a bad thing to be aware of one's beauty or be thought conceited. I remember "she think she cute" being said repeatedly about me in middle school. Each of your pieces of advice I wish, I hope, I WILL give to my girls. I will. And also hope society doesn't absolutely ruin all my damn work.

(I'm sorry, I do need to fix being unable to find the older stuff. I'll work on it this weekend. But here's the link: http://www.whatnowandwhy.com/2013/10/08/just-write-too-thin/).


I was gawky and awkward in middle school and high school. It wasn't until college that I felt pretty or beautiful. Now I'm just happy to be holding on pretty well to the looks. And hoping to age gracefully.
Now to teach the boys to appreciate the outside, but look closely at the inside--that's the part you have to like.


Wow, this is pretty much exactly like a ModVive article I wrote recently. I couldn't agree more!


Angelina Costenaro

I'm glad you didn't delete this! I could say so much in response, but for now, I'll just comment on the part that resonated the most: the whole "look at yourself in the mirror."

I did just that Thursday night when I realized I'm only ten months from turning 40. As I stared at myself, I thought, "Good Lord, I'm getting old!" I'm afraid I've never been good at seeing myself as beautiful. Like VandyJ posted above, I was gawky and awkward in junior high and high school, but got better looking in college, especially after I ditched the glasses for contacts and discovered hair products for curly hair. Even though people have told me I'm beautiful, I just don't see it. Cute, maybe. Beautiful, no. I wonder how many of us are capable of seeing ourselves as others do.

Janice Adcock

Great piece on beauty. Self image is shaped by so many things during our lives. In a family of four sisters we were: the oldest (the beautiful one), the second (the sweet one), me (the temperamental one) and youngest (the baby). Once a boyfriend of the youngest commented on how pretty her sister was. Everyones' response was when did he see the oldest sister? With monikers such as bale of cotton and parrot face it never occurred to any of us until he told Sister he meant me. Some of the most beautiful people I have known weren't much to look at, including the person in the mirror..


I am glad you didn't delete this, too. You're right, this is good advice for ALL girls, but especially those who have a particular blessing and feel defined by it.

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