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Ginny Marie

I have been waiting FOREVER to see what Jude's costume was! And it blew me away, it really did. AWESOME! And wow, your school really does go all out for Halloween. Lily's teacher dressed up as one of the Duck Dynasty guys, which was pretty fun!


Oh my gosh, they really do go all out. So awesome. Xander impressed his classmates with his triceratops costume I made for him, but he would barely have rated a mention in that creative environment. I think I live in the wrong place!


Turbo's mummy outfit would have needed a bit more attention, but for homemade, he might have held his own. The squid was inspired. Ink just made it.

Angelina Costenaro

The squid costume is hilarious. Great job! The squirting ink is inspired.

I feel kind of bad for the girl who ended up as the rock in the rock, paper, scissors trio. She looks a little unhappy in that confining costume. I wonder how they decided who got to be which one. A game of rock, paper, scissors, maybe? :)

Janice Adcock

You are SO creative! Love the costume. I believe your school would be at home in Weird Austin, TX.

Mommy Lisa

I love your weird school too. Awesome Halloween costumes.

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