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Cathy Kennedy

Matching pjs can be fun for the kids, but I'm with you the parents? And...the family pets? Mom & Dad okay, but the animals is just too weird. LOL, I just LOVE the Tooth Fairy Transport system! That is sheer genius, but...the cost and time invested into this little DIY project is crazy! Still it really is a super cool idea. Thanks for sharing this bit of random with us today. Have a blessed Thanksgiving with family & friends!


Nick will never look at jingle bells the same way after watching that. If you get the chance, check out JCPenney's response to the add that they made over twitter:
I love the sexy guys/sexy cats site.

Janice Adcock

Too funny! Well, the K Mart add is from the same group of minds that did "Ship my pants". The Crazy Ones with Robin Williams must be some of the type folks that come up with these ads! Just a bubble off plumb.


Tooth Fairy Pneumatic Transport System? That's when Daddy is an engineer, but when Daddy is a Poli-Sci major and Mommy is a Government major, you get a sorry excuse of a note from the Tooth Fairy about how she's soooooo busy and sorry she forgot to stop by.


Where was that tooth fairy transport system when my boys were small?


1. I call London!

2. I'm concerned about what the wine bra will do to my bust size.

3. Pneumatic tooth delivery system. I wish my brains were that brainy.

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

Love the cats. Is it a two-fer when you adopt the cat? The bra would be a solution to sooooo many school concerts. The boxers...again, two-fer?? If you need a trip companion to London, I'm in!

Stacy Uncorked

OMG the sexy cat twins are hysterical - and I'm with Kristina - wonder if it's a two-fer when you adopt the cat? ;)

That wine bra is GENIUS! I'm already top-heavy, though...and I have a feeling I'd heat the wine up above the recommended temperature. ;)

Me! Me! I want to go to London! :)

Jingle balls....snicker!!!

I'm right there with you on the family PJ's - just...no.

That Tooth Fairy Delivery System is awesome! Good thing Princess Nagger and Little Dude are asleep right now...they'd want me to build something like that!! :)



Those jingle balls were fantastic! My colleagues all looked at me as if I had gone mad, but come on, how can people not love it!!

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