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I like the banner personally :-) Wonder where I can get one?


Love the Southern sayings. My new favorite is; he's crazier than a peach orchard sow. Meaning: he's as crazy as a drunk.


I'd like to see the love story featuring Bob the Builder and Wendy.

The unintentional selfie kind of shows that the bathroom is really, really small.

Jan's Sushi Bar

My favorite "bless his/her heart" saying is, "You could slap his brain down on the head of a pin, and it'd just roll around like a BB on 6-lane highway, bless his heart."

Perhaps Mickey is passed out because he was out drinking with his bitches?


Ha, I love those Southern sayings. Heard 'em all. the one of my grandmother's I always liked was "they have champagne tastes but a beer pocketbook."

Naila Moon

I have seen those real estate photos. So funny!

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