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Cathy Kennedy

Personally, I think those old ad campaigns are hilarious. You will never see anything like that today NEVER!

Jude has a good point with his questioning. That's really interesting that you someone pointed you to the "Central Perk Cafe" in Shanghai. That must be kinda of funny for American tourists to see.

The flight safety tip video is not only fun, but very informative. I bet all those on board who see it don't loss interest in learning what they must know.


The old ads make me giggle. The video is cute, just too long for me.


That's hilarious: the Friends cafe over there. How weird!


Love those married Kama Sutra positions. The sad part is how true they really are.

Those old ads fascinate me. They really illustrate how times have changed.

Jan's Sushi Bar

I'm just...I can't...THOSE ADS.

You've rendered me temporarily speechless. Congratulations.


Those ads are awful but hilarious. I heard on the radio an ad for a bar that read, 'we like our beer we like our violence: domestic.' So horrible!


I find it interesting they have a "Central Perk". I wonder if there is ball field with hot dogs or a diner that serves apple pie!

Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me

Oh my gosh! So much awesome random! The dishwasher might be my favorite!

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