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Congrats!!! I adore that show! Way to ask for what you want :)


Yay! Wonderful news wow Modern Family! It's already on DVR we will be watching! Great pics btw , this is really exciting! Marisa

Ginny Marie

Oh, I hope that the universe is listening! You even got a trailer! Wow!


To cool! Here's hoping that more work comes your way. Hear that universe? Better be listening.


WOW. You have just knocked me off my seat. That not only was FAST, but Modern Family??? Talent. You have talent. I can't wait to see it, one of my favorite shows. And as a Colombian, let me tell you, the character of Gloria is spot on. I thank Sofia for that... no stereotypes, the real deal, tight clothes, animal prints, high heels and all. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome!!! This gave me chills--will definitely be watching for you!!


Very exciting. I have also been noticing a commercial lately where the boy looks exactly like Jude! I thought maybe you were getting him into acting. :) I think it might have been an apple commercial or something computer related.

I can't wait to watch you this Wed! It is one of our favorite shows!


great, i can't wait to see it.


The universe is ABSOLUTELY listening! I cannot WAIT to watch. OMG I'm so proud of you.

Jan's Sushi Bar


We rarely watch commercial television, but we WILL watch this! *squee*

Deborah Pucci

Awesome, I look forward to seeing you on the show. Came over from Ginny Marie's post.


Oh my God! How cool!!! We always DVR it so I can't wait to see it!


I hadn't read this blog post before Wednesday, and was out of town, sitting in a motel watching Modern Family. When I saw you, I told my sister "I think that's Gretchen"! Congratulations!!

Janice Adcock

Finally got my computer to download this funny show. You were snarky goooood. Look at all you big name special guests on this episode: You, that woman from Frazier, and the 'wife' from Birdcage. Really, congratulations! I am sure your folks are very pleased.

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