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Such a sweet post! I think it's wonderful you found that last lobster shell. I think we are overdue for a return lunch at The Hungry Cat!


Such a lovely post, I'm convinced that our food experiences feed our souls!

Your mom gave you a wonderful that now is carried over to husband and son.
Your memories are precious and cherished!

Have a wonderful Friday !


Ps I know I said I would participate, I sorry too much stuff around here this week, hopefully next time.

Ginny Marie

My husband sound very similar to your Daddy! Once I gave him a salad for dinner...it had grill chicken on top...and he said, What is this? Where are the carbs? I'm not much of a gourmet cook, but I get tired of always cooking a meat, a veggie, and a carb! My idea of gourmet is a good old-fashioned Midwest casserole, where I just mix all those things together in one dish. ;)

I think I'd better learn how to make seafood! Your mama's crab dip sounds fabulous!


Seafood is a treat here in the great interior, but when we do it we go all out for the crab, lobster, scallops, shrimp and such that we can. It is definitely tied to family and fun here too.
Meals around the coffee table happen here a lot. Something about it is just cozier than a table.


What special memories! I love the pic of you and your mom, what beautiful women!


as I remember you are a fancy and great cook. Your mother would be proud!

Michele R

Love the memories and the photo. Wasn't she from folk in Aberdeen, SD? Far from the ocean? I was going to email you last week because I was in Aberdeen for 3 nights. They just got a Ruby Tuesdays Restaurant and it was a big deal. People travel from far and wide for the pheasant hunting.
You show your love to your guys with food too and am so glad they like seafood.


I have such a vivid image of you as a child eating crab dip with your mom at the coffee table! It will stay with me for some time, I think. These days moms are warned against mixing food with emotion, but I can't imagine the two being separate! Thanks for sharing your memory. I am going to ponder the great nugget of an idea that "special snack" presents.


My Mother wasn't/isn't much of a cook. Our special time was when daddy's Playboy would come in the mail wrapped in brown paper. We would carefully slide it out of the wrapper and search to find the hidden bunny. Then we would slide it back into the wrapper so daddy would never know that we had found it. He never did catch us. Okay, now this just sounds weird? I guess you had to be there.

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