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I am an avid listener of music as well as blasting it while cooking or cleaning; I also love to sing but I really shouldn't. My genre is everything from Billie Holiday to Paul Simon to Shakira to Louie Prima to Led Zeppelin to Antonio Vivaldi to Pink....and that is probably 10 minutes on shuffle on Pandora or my Zune (yes Zune)...I worry about instilling my taste of music to my kids as well. I'm am an avid listener of WFUV when in my car and that is what we listen to...but believe me somehow or another they hear the music current, oldies... between parties at school, me, and my husbands taste in music they hear it...this week my daughter was playing a game in her I POD and started singing Blondie's "One way or another I'm gonna getcha, getcha you....it's all good we are building great musical palettes....so "Lets Enjoy Ourselves ...It's later than you think!

Ginny Marie

Your mama is beautiful! What great music! And of course Jude knows good music from his own mama!

My mom loved to sing too, and while I was going through some of her things a couple of years ago I found her scrapbook. She was Laurie in her high school's performance of Oklahoma, which I always thought was neat!

Janice Adcock

Do you just try to make me cry? Wonderful memories and love the full cycle of the story. And 26 days till TX.


Sorry I haven't been participating! It isn't because I haven't wanted to! I promise next week to get a post in...god willing work and interviews let up....


I love this post. I felt like I was back in the car with you and Jude. Sounds just like Jude.
I grew up with mama playing show tune albums. I got Westside Story down pat.


As a kid I heard lots of my mom's music--she liked the 70 country--Pasty Cline, Conway Twitty, 70s country.
When I was in high school I discovered her collections of 50s and 60s rock and roll and loved it. I didn't get into the stuff the other kids my age were listening to until high school, then I went all hair bands rock.
Now we are introducing our kids to the 80s hair bands and they love it. Air guitar all around. Bruiser does a fabulous air guitar and Turbo has a mean air drums going on.
Appreciation for good music--whenever and who ever produced it is key.

Angelina Costenaro

I love big band music and the old standards! A full quarter of my CD collection is Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, and (just to prove I'm not partial to Italian American singers :)) I've also got some Nat King Cole, a little Ella Fitzgerald and some Billie Holiday. Of course, I've also got some of the "new/old standards," such as Harry Connick, Jr., and Michael Buble. In fact, Connick and Buble are more evidence that everything old is new again!

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