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Ginny Marie

Ooo, I just love your creepy haunted Hollywood posts! Now I have goosebumps! You are braver than I am, driving around to take those hospital pictures! I'm pretty much a chicken. ;)

C. Lee Reed of Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Very cool story. Love getting creeped out! I agree with the others...hospitals (abandoned or not) can be scary!


Thank you so much for hosting! I LOVED reading this post! My son and I used to watch Ghost Hunters religiously - even bought the series a few times. :) Thank goodness I didn't read this at night! LOL


I would have loved to have been able to do a tour like that when I visited. Turbo might have thought it was interesting. Bruiser not so much.
This really means we have to come visit again--with more time to spend.


I bet there are some great mid-century pieces in that house. Too soon? Nah.

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