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I hate being sick too. Moms shouldn't be allowed to get sick. Ever. I'm impressed you went to the store and still made waffles. I think I would have served crumbs off the floor at that point! I hope you start feeling better!


I love the still life. My indication that I have rotting leftovers is that I have no containers to put more leftovers in. I keep a finite number of storage containers. If I've used them all I know I need to clean out the refrigerator. It's a system...probably not a good system but when you are as lazy as I am any system is better than nothing.


You Tube seems to be 10 year old boy crack--especially Minecraft videos. Turbo is addicted to the darn things.
I truly admire your dedication to the pumpkin waffles. When I'm sick it's all I can do to throw frozen foods in the oven--corndogs, chicken sticks, pizza pockets, healthy stuff like that.

Ginny Marie

Oh, shoot! Being sick is so crummy! Not only am I impressed about the waffles, I'm impressed that Jimmy actually made himself eggs. Ed would have no idea how to make eggs (he would claim) but fortunately he always eats cereal at work. Feel better soon!

Janice Adcock

Damn cold viruses! How dare they infect you while you have empty cupboards! Hope you get to feeling much better soon. As for Jude, how smart of him to know a holiday can actually be just sitting, idling in neutral so to speak. (Stepping on soap box)sometimes I think our children are not allowed to be just children. I know idle hands, Devil's workshop and all but still. No scheduled event, no nothing just being a kid. (steps off soapbox) Thanks for Just Writing a post!


I love when they're old enough to understand that nothingness is a thing (and enjoy it).

Angelina Costenaro

I love your writing. It's so fun to read. Blasted pimples!

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