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Ha, I love the Home Depot thing. Too funny!

Jan's Sushi Bar

Okay, the Baby Alive thing was just gross. I SO do not need/want a baby doll that takes a dump.


I had two babies that took dumps for real. Still fighting one on teh pooping front. A doll that does that? Oh, no, not ever! It's things like this that make me so happy I have a boy. Legos, race cars, dirt and all.


You've seen this, right?



Janice Adcock

Funny stuff!


OMGosh, love the Viagra lab and the Miley Cyrus e-card! Too funny. Happy Halloween!


Very funny!!! I actually laughed! We used to live in a condo complex in Queens and yes quite a few times the courtyard echoed with moans...it was hysterical!



The time line of the people who kept them up all night is hilarious! Now the pooping baby alive doll...that's just gross! Glad I don't have any little girls screaming for one of those things, lol!

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