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I LOVE reading this and so glad you had great encounters (you have to know KS would be a dick) and so glad Colbert is as cool a person irl as on screen. Hooray for dorky Catholics. Also, you look a fabulous glamour puss in that dress!

Janice Adcock

OOOoooHHHHHH! Look at you, Ms. West Austin/Cedar Park Hottie! Will miss Con. Russo, also. Sounds like KS is, as we say down south, a little to full of himself. I've liked Mr. Dinklage since 'The Station Master'. Next time you run into new BFF Steve, ask about his right ear. Is part of it missing or something? As for tin foil centerpieces, maybe they saved enough on that part of the budget to throw everyone a bone, rib bone that is. Ha. Thanks for the virtual ride along to such a fancy event. The closest I would have ever gotten was dumpster diving a few alleys over two days later.

Janice Adcock

Dinklage in The Station Agent, not Master.

Rabia @TheLiebers

Sounds like an incredibly fin event! Thanks for reppin' us Catholics! I never thought of that as a conversation starter when meeting celebrities (not that I've ever met one...)


Sounds like you had a fabulous time! Hope the fun was as good as you looked! Thanks for taking us to the Ball through your story. Go Gretchen.


I would not do well at an event like that--but I love knowing you went and had a great time.

Sprite's Keeper

Oh, Colbert, he is the best. Just behind Jon Stewart. (I have a soft spot for him..)
You looked beautiful and I was scanning for you more than watching the Emmys. :-)


The question is not what you can do to get rid of Darren next year but what WE can do that will ensure that Lynn and Darren are out of the way (I mean this in the nicest way of course!) but will make sure that WE can have their tickets. I would be happy to fill Lynn's shoes for this event. Though I would have to bring a butt doughnut in my purse for my scrawny 50+ year old butt (don't they have blow up ones). I'd even be willing, nay happy to walk up to complete strangers/celebrities to force an introduction.


Omg, you look fab and that looks like a blast! So jealous. I don't think I'd even walk up to any celebs if I had a friend there forcing me. Then I'd get awkwardly shit faced drunk and make a complete ass out of myself.



Sounds like a blast of a night. I KNEW Colbert was nice! Fabulous to have it confirmed!

Jan's Sushi Bar

I was just laughing and laughing while reading this, when Beloved came over and saw the photo of the centerpiece.

"Gawd, that's AWFUL." You are vindicated.

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time - you are so beautiful and I am so jealous. But I miss, just a tiny little bit, your account of who wore what. I always look forward to that when there's an awards show.

Ginny Marie

I think Kenneth is the best character from 30 Rock! And seriously, if the centerpieces look like I could make them, they are ug-ly! I'm so glad you were able to go this year!


I absolutely adore Kenneth, I do. And boy, did a child do the centerpieces? Ew. Poor Paula. She has no one to tell her gold lame is lame? (Giggling because I can't do the accent on lame so I'm reading it as lame and lame, the same word. Why yes, yes I am tired). I've heard Spacey is borderline rude. Not entirely rude, but just unnice enough for you to realize he's being slightly rude. I'm so glad you had a good time and that you looked smokin' hot in that dress.

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