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Ginny Marie

I love this look into acting! I can't even remember what I've seen Harland Williams in, but he's hilarious! Your love for acting really shines through in this post, Gretchen. :)

I'm really not an actor, but I had fun doing the VBS skits this summer. Our pastor was a knight who was not very bright and the kids thought he was hilarious!

I'm looking forward to finding out what we'll spin about next week.


My acting interaction comes from high school plays and little theater when I was really little, but I loved acting--I got to be someone else, if only for a little while. Someone who was generally very different from who I thought I was. And maybe I got to keep a little bit of that person when I was done.
Here's to acting and actors and characters--they improve every one they touch--generally.


Hi Gretchen - I love it when it all comes together...and I love seeing it and loved it when I felt it myself. Many moons ago I attended HB Studios in the village and my older self is very proud of my younger self for doing something I always dreamed of but never had the nerve. Improv was fun,doing scenes and being there was terrific. I also love being moved when watching scenes in movies and seeing the actors transformation of being there as well. One I can think of right now is when Meryl Streep (she can do it all) when she sings Winner Takes It All- in Mama Mia ...it's not a song anymore but a vulnerable moment in front of the only man she truly loved! Another scene is in Moonstruck when Olympia asks her husband "have I been a good wife" what gets me every time is the sigh.
Must stream your movies... will try this weekend!:)

Awesome post!

Enjoy the weekend!


I loved this post so much. I have often wondered what actors must feel when they are in the moment. The way you described your high school competition gave me goosebumps.

Now I want to add Family Tree to my netflix queue1

Janice Adcock

Thanks for sharing such a personal part of your acting on this spin. Good to be spinning again! And we have a contract on our house, Texas in the crosshairs now. Well, in the GPS crosshairs.


I loved this post, and though I don't act, I do live storytelling, and this happens to me... I become what I'm telling and I feelit. Sometimes, I stay so sad afterward, because the memory is still alive, even though my time on stage is over... it is all so real again. I truly loved what you made me feel here, I hope you do act again, because it is so much a part of who you are... I can tell.

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