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Okay, lady, you had a totally great summer! How fun is it to live by the beach? I guess I only live 11 miles from a beach (Lake Michigan) but that is totally not the same as the ocean!

My preschool director just got some Pink Lady costumes for free, so guess what we'll be dressing up as for Halloween? ;)

Thanks for making me part of the Spin Cycle team!


It always surprises me when I look back, at how much we really do during the summer. Looks like you packed a lot in, kind of like we do. It's all about making memories.

Jan's Sushi Bar

Looks like you did quite a bit this summer! I'm especially jealous of your time with Michele - but y'all look GREAT together!

Michele Reilly

TypePad and I are feuding it seems. I didn't know we were having a bit of a tiff but I can't seem to just post a comment without logging into something. Which no one should really care about but lazy me finds annoying. Sorry, seems I needed to vent.

I had a great time driving around, watching Jude in the surf, spending time with your beach Friday friends and generally goofing off. I'm even trying to find a way to do it again (that seems vaguely threatening. It wasn't meant to be). Maybe in the winter when it is 20 degrees up here in the frozen north.

Yeah, and all those things you didn't get done will still be there. Sadly, I know this from experience.


I think Camp Mama looks like a whole lot of fun!! Sure there's always more we wish we'd done, but you're right to look on the positive side of things.
Hopping over from the link up at Lemon Drop Pie.

Mommy Lisa

You always have fun! I would like to come to Camp Momma some time!

Angelina Costenaro

I'm glad you chose to focus on the positive side. Your summer actually looks like you had a lot of fun. Don't worry about not getting your "to do" list done. I didn't finish mine either, and I'm a single woman without kids, so what's my excuse? :)

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