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Those regular folk pictures are frighteningly 80s in the fashions. Even I've made it out of the 80s. Mostly.
We have been doing broiled shrimp for shrimp cocktail a la Alton Brown. He uses Old Bay season on them. It's really good.

Michele Reilly

Hahaha...the back to school special.


I have heard of that Hell on Wheels show and think it looks pretty good; haven't caught it yet. I also wanted to watch the new Sleepy Hollow on Fox and even though it came on after Bones last night, I skipped it.

Janice Adcock

Funny. And Brad attended high school about 3 miles from my house. Here is a link to the local newspaper for a picture of Brad's brother, a local businessman. http://www.news-leader.com/article/20120709/NEWS01/307090023/Doug-Pitt-Care-to-Learn-Today-


Benverine totally cracked me up, as did the celebrity pics! Those are hilarious!

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