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Janice Adcock

I so enjoy your randomness!

Jan's Sushi Bar

"The kitchen doesn’t really have space for a table." I'd say that kitchen doesn't seem to have much room for a kitchen.

And while I'm marveling that you can buy a castle for less than an apartment in New York, why on earth would you need a guest house when your castle has 10 bedrooms?


Large and sprawling or cramped and located. Depends on your priorities. For city dwelling, those townhouses could be good. That back yard would take a lot of imagination and work to actually be a back yard.


There was a thing circulating on tumblr that was a naked woman laying down and the view was from the top but across her chest was a torn photo of a man's chest. The caption said something like, "This is ok because those are man boobs". So it was pretty interesting. I do think we have sexualized them and for the majority of a woman's life they are... except when you're breastfeeding and then they are a tool. However, even then people freak out about it. It's a tough thing to call and balanced on a very thin line.

Ginny Marie

"Potential for a backyard?" I don't even know what that means! I'm shocked at those prices! I wonder if Chicago is the same way? Somehow I doubt it!

Elizabeth Aquino

I'm sort of flabbergasted that Gervais plays a cognitively disabled man. He is famous and reviled in my community for using the word "retarded" often and unashamedly. Huh?

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