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Given the fact that we both are recovering from three week away while our husbands stayed home, I will feel free to share with you my one tip that saved me - book a housekeeper to come into your home a day or two before you get back and clean it from top to bottom. I can't tell you how amazing that was. It seems a bit indulgent, but really, it was a necessity.


Nick is usually not too bad when left at home, but I'm always prepared to lose something, usually important, to his "cleaning" up. He tries to be helpful. It's better if he doesn't.
Good to see you back.


JR is now among the unemployed. This situation scares me silly. For several reasons; 1. what will he do all day or I should state, what will he do all day that I will have to fix when I get home. 2. He feels the need to drive me to and from work every day which means that I feel that he is needy and I won't be able to get any Princess Michele alone time (a desperately needed thing). 3. he is unpacking any lingering boxes from the move which means I will never find things when I need them and he won't remember seeing them or putting them away somewhere.

So, yeah I feel ya.

Janice Adcock

Wish I could tell all you ladies it gets better. After 46 years with Husband, my choice of a good location for about anything does not match his choice. But he will still cook when I do not want to or eat cereal or something when neither wants to cook. Now we are thinking of moving into a 700 sq. ft loft setting. Not that many places to incorrectly put stuff. But then incorrect is like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. Great to have you back.

Ginny Marie

Oh, my goodness, I must never take a three week vacation without my husband! He always does his own laundry, so at least he has that covered. However, the dishes are another matter all together...they would be piled high in the sink even though we have a working dish washer!


Much love for Jimmy, and at least in his bachelorhood shows great taste ----- Trader Joe's frozen dinners. U Go, Jimmy!


Oh, to have three weeks of wife-free, child-free wonton eating bliss. Man.

I will admit to giggling inanely through this until I got to the bag of bags. No. No he didn't. NO HE DID NOT. I cannot fathom my bag of bags disappearing. I cannot imagine having to pay $.05 per bag or not saying $.05 per bag or just not having...my bags. THAT I BOUGHT.

I like Lynn's idea of hiring a housekeeper (although, sure, one would think one's own husband could handle the house alone). And take the duvet with you next year.

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