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You have captured Mary to a t! Made me smile:)


I love Mommy posts. They do make me smile-- and remember my aunt and uncle who were Brooklynites to the day they died--even if they transplanted themselves to Wyoming.


I'm inspired. I think the next time I go home I will take photos and compare. Jimmy's mom and my mom are the same age, but you won't find a slutty tank top. My mom does wear wigs, not because she has no hair, but she can't be bothered with going to the beautician on a regular basis. Oh yeah. She has a 2012 Caddy and has driving gloves. I guess that's the equivalent of a tank top. And the dealer just connected the bluetooth in the car to her phone. . . . .


Ha, I love the picture frame thing. And yes, those pictures definitely made me smile :-) The Christmas items reminded me of my Grandma. She had shelves of Santas that she collected, and they were up all year long.

Elizabeth Aquino

Yes, I'm smiling from ear to ear. I can NEVER hear too much about Mommy. I'm particularly partial to the framing --


I adore her even more now. I do.

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