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Ginny Marie

I know what you mean by being too fried to write! My blog has suffered mightily this summer.

I'm glad you are home and all is well! I've just caught up on your NYC adventures...I'm also glad that you didn't let Jude get on the boat with no shoes! Phew! ;) (I'll admit it...I have snapped at my father-in-law before. Gotta love him, but sometimes he drives me crazy!)

I'll send you an email soon.


This last week was nuts around here too. Trips and puppies and school and such. Fining a moment to stop and take it all in has been very tough to find.
Watching family age is never easy--I have aunt and uncles heading that way now. So not easy.

Elizabeth Aquino

I'm sad to hear this about Mommy -- so sad -- and know how difficult it must be for you and Jimmy to live so far away.

Now, I'll stick my own head in a hole and then FREAK OUT! about the Little Kiddle. Oh my god. I had that, too. I am suddenly remembering a Kiddle I owned that was purple -- even her bottom was purple and my sister and I considered ourselves very naughty when we lifted up her skirt and giggled at her butt crack. I also was green with envy of these girls I knew -- four sisters -- who had an entire Kiddle Kastle. It was outrageous.

Janice Adcock

Your post touched me as usual. My BFF, Reba Jane, and I see each other about every 5 or 6 years. We are both 66 years old and can finish sentences for each other. Her Grandma and my Grandaddy were siblings so we are doubly connected.

One thing that brings such pleasure out here in the blogasphere is reading younger women's blogs and recognizing similar experiences. Different dates, different touch points but same emotions and connections.

Absolutely adore the Million Kisses from the Machine Gun of Love!

The gentle breeze you just felt is all your readers whispering, "Welcome back."

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