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Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me

I keep thinking I am missing some golden opportunity by not taking a grand road trip. We head 6 hours east to the Cape every summer, but haven't ventured west of Buffalo! I think the attempt to plan in itself overwhelms me. Love your photos, and thanks for sharing such great memories!


As you know, we car trip all the time. We would love a reason to head back to the Grand Canyon--and actually spend time there. Both our visits there we spent about half a day exploring the canyon--not much time really.
You can camp in the park--did you know that? We did our first trip there with a 22 month old Turbo.

Sarah at 32Flavors

I love, love, LOVE a road trip! Last summer we went through South Dakota and Montana, and down into Yellowstone and Cody, WY. It's my favorite trip.


As a family we never took car trips longer than about 6 hours to the neighboring state or to my grandma's and as an adult I hate driving in a car. But, if there was a trailer that might be doable. Just the memories made though sound wonderful. Those you don't get on a 4 hour plane trip!

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