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unmitigated me

Nimoy's fur reminds me of William Holden. In Bridge on the River Kwai, they thought his chest hair was unseemly, so he had to shave it, or have it shaved, probably, for the whole time they were filming. I find myself searching for five o'clock shadow when I watch.


Nick would totally have that shirt or a sign posted if we had a girl.
The sing along sounds like a blast!


Candy Crush WILL drive you crazy! Yet, I still play it.


Ooooo ... I want a Pink Pantie! Sounds amazing. And all of you hot mamas look fabulous! Now to go check out that Candy Crush website ...

Dropping in via Stacy Uncorked!

andrea-maybe it's just me

For some reason, it never occurred to me that Spock would actually have chest hair! Hawt Pink Ladies indeed. Love the clothes swapping!


I was not a huge fan of Rocky Horror but would love to dress up and go to a sing-along!

And thanks for the Candy Crush help. I'm still stuck at 181!

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