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Paula Kiger

Kissing Tim Daley > selling roses, for sure! Thx for sharing a great story.

Hot Mess Princess

Kissing Tim Daley is definitely a better gig, girl! LOL.


I would have hated that job too. My worst was working at a fish market. The boss was a tyrant who cheated just about everybody who walked into the store either with the scale or with half rotten merchandise. Going home smelling like fish wasn't exactly attractive either....

(I chose the bacon writing prompt, of course)

Dyanne @ I Want Backsies

I would have rather stuck the thorns from the roses in my eyeballs than walk around hoping someone would buy them.

My worst job was in college, working at a department store that sold Clinique. I had to dress up and walk around the store with a basket of items that were free with a (hefty) purchase. Nobody cared about my basket of moisturizer and lipstick and whatever when they found out I wasn't giving out samples. I did it for one week and was done.


omg, that is the best story. I think everybody has one, terrible job they had to take because they were desperate. They suck but they make for the BEST stories.

Mama Melch

I still think selling roses sounds much better than telemarketing, but being unable to stand roses would be an unbearable punishment.

Jenn @ I Make Myself the Queen

That job sounds awful. I too am a terrible salesman. I even hated asking people if they wanted to open a charge card...or going up and asking if they wanted help with anything. I don't like to be bothered when I'm shopping, so I hated to do that myself.

This confirms for me that I made the right decision to not pursue acting when I graduated high school. All of the auditions and odd-jobs...not the life for me. Sounds like it worked out for you, though :)

Stopping by from Mama Kat's.


Good story. Like the ending about the smell of roses.

Tina Erickson

roses are forever <3

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