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I hope you feel better! Interesting about coconut water...and hey, the links didn't post :-)

Man, I'll really have to think of happy stuff. I'm way to cynical for rainbows and ponies


Hope you can shake the bug soon - it just sucks to be sick in the summer. :( At least in winter, it feels right to curl up in a nice fluffy blanket. :)

You've got us beat on Hemlock. Couldn't make it through the pilot episode.
I felt the same way about Continuum but ended up watching the rest of the season and seriously, it really ended up coming together plotwise. I don't want to spoil it so will just say if you have the extra time and are the type of person (me) who loose plot ends bother, it does end up answering some questions. :) Although I'm not certain if there's more episodes to it than what's on Netflix...

As a totally prying and side question - feel free to tell me it's none of my business - but I wondered if you'd ever done late night movie hosting segments?
We had one of the marathons on a couple of weeks ago and I caught a glimpse that I'd have sworn was you from the photos you've posted here but it was live tv so I had no way to rewind and confirm my eyes. Anyway, just totally incredible if it was you!

andrea-maybe it's just me

If by relaxing you mean purging and organizing cabinets to try to find some order to my ever changing world, then yes!


Not nearly enough relaxing--or too much--either way we have been tired around here. Looking forward to this weekend and having nothing more pressing than laundry, a barbecue and Father's Day. Hmm, maybe not so relaxing after all.

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