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Stacy Uncorked

One week and 2 days until Mama Camp, eh? Bet Jude is counting down the days, too! PN's first official Summer Break day is today - and she's *still* sleeping in. :)

Love that Star Trek Middle School Musical video - hilarious!

I think I'll pass on that jello salad...

LOVE that photographer's idea!!

The gal who ditched her man in that very creative way is a genius. ;)

So sorry about your friend - will definitely keep her in my thoughts and prayers!

Summer Break Has Begun with Boredom Already Setting In, Teen Flip Flop Entrepreneur and a Cool Mascot: RTT Rebel


I've seen worse jello salad. They used to put anything in jello--even bologna. Something about "savory" jello is just not right.
Turbo starts his summer break Thursday afternoon. There is a lot of yard work in his future for both grandparents. Kid wants a tablet--he needs to earn the money.


My mother-in-law once put tuna in green jello. Yes, she was very old at the time but she thought it tasted wonderful.

Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me

Rats! I did not get my Camp Mama tickets this year either!

Oh, that radish and egg bespeckled mold just ruined jello for me!

janice adcock

Enjoying your posts. Jello salad of all sorts were the thing for young wives to make when I was a newly wed. Especially in molds. Never was able to successfully unmold the darn things. And kudos to the Austin photographer and her daughter's photos. My best,worst post is ready.

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