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Thanks for the Netflix recommendations. I watched the first episode of Top of the Lake, need to get back to it. Will have to check out the fall. Did you watch "House of Cards"? Love love love it and can't wait for more episodes!

I hope you continue to feel better!
Stopping by from RTT


I could NEVER justify a bag that expensive! My husband once bought me a $400 Coach bag and though I do love it, it's nothing really special, when you really look at it.


I go for functionality in my purses and to spend that much, it better be customized to just me and make it's own money or something. Yeah, don't think I could find it special enough to actually purchase. I could find so many better things to do with that kind of money--travel for one.
Good to see the summer cold thing is taking itself off to other locations.
I have been a Nillionaire for far too long.

Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me

Holy moly you sure did get sidelined! Our dog could really use some cologne right now. Don't know if he smelled from whatever was wrong with his ear or if all of the ointment I have put in his ear has made him funky...bleah! Hmmm....I do love purple! (but also have college to pay for in two years...that could be a year!)


The most I've ever spend on a purse was $500. I was in my early 20s and cared not about the frivolousness of such a purchase (But. I still have that leather HCL (handcrafted leathergood ha) bag from Nordstrom and it's in perfect condition. I carry it occasionally and am always complimented so I guess it's gotten its worth.

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