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Do you know where you find a black skirt like that? You have it made!!! Because you're going to sing at Carnegie Hall, and that's amazing, and you deserve to feel like you're in a skirt made for just on in that amazing moment. Get on that.

I'm so excited for you. Someone will record this and you'll link to it, right? With a few close ups of just you? I can't wait.


Yay!!! Awesome!

Here's mine :-) http://viewfromdownhere-viewfromdownhere.blogspot.com/2013/05/bucket-list.html

Jan's Sushi Bar

I didn't do a Bucket List Spin because I realized I don't really have one, unless you count living to a ripe old age (and if you take my mother into account, that will be 52).

But thank you for next week's. It gives me an excuse to take pictures of and talk about Beloved's vegetable gardening. Which extends to our living room.

(Oh, and the dalmation lady? I know a woman who's like that about frogs. Being in her house is a creepy, surreal experience.)

Jan's Sushi Bar



"We're NOT Worthy!"


Pull out the sewing machine and get cracking on the skirt or if that is not an option, like MamaBadger says, have it make special. This is Carnegie!


I'd like to know Joe. Choral music reminds me of high school and how our chorus went to Paris and I couldn't go. My mother couldn't afford it (and I remember being ambivalent at the time but years later it would hit me: Paris! I could have gone to Paris at 17 for 5 days and I missed it.) MOVING ON AWAY FROM MY TEARS, Carnegie Hall. Wow.


Oh, so excited for you! So wish I could be there to see it in person.
Have fun and enjoy not only the singing, but the trip itself!

Janice Adcock

Wonderful for you, the choir and Dr. Joe. What an amazing opportunity. You will rock that black skirt!


I don't know you but I'm very excited for you, nonetheless. Have a wonderful timeā€”live in the moment and enjoy every second!


Here's my Obsession spin!

Ginny Marie

I totally missed this post...I'll admit it, I hate bucket lists and didn't want to write one. I love singing requiems! I sang Verdi's Requiem in college, and we sang part of Faure's Requiem in church last year. Is that morbid? But I have never sung Mozart! I'm so excited for you! Have fun!

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