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Jan's Sushi Bar

I've been a gamer all of my life, too, and I gave birth to three of them (my oldest is what is known as a "hard-core" gamer). I've been playing computer games since the very early 80s, beginning with Scott Adams' text adventure games. Which pretty much makes me ancient, I think.

And my spin is up: http://www.janssushibar.com/gardening-obsession/


MY GOODNESS I LOVE ANACROSTICS! Crosswords, too. Word search puzzle books (I still buy them. Because of reasons.) Lately though I don't play anything other than Words With Friends (and that's mainly with my husband.) Scramble With Friends I'll play occasionally but when I was looking for apps to remove, that one was one I chose to go. I found a game recently, can't even remember the name of it (something about It Says What? or something similar) but you had to figure out the saying based on the picture. Kinda like Hangman. Except not (mind you we still have the original Hangman games and there is often nothing funnier than drunk, naked Hangman. Ahem.) You turned me onto the elevator game and I adored it but Zaid deleted it and, well, lazy, thy name is me.

As for jacks, I still own a set (a real set, not those big plastic ones they sell now.) And we have hardwood floors. I am often in heaven late at night, just me, 10 jacks, and a ball. Also, Crayons. WHAT?

Ginny Marie

I've never been much of a game person, although I enjoy an easy crossword puzzle every now and then! (Not TOO easy, though, but not New York Times hard, either!)

I had the best intentions to write up a Spin today...oh, well, maybe next week!

Janice Adcock

Your writing did it again, it made me laugh with you. I had to quit playing Farmville when I started setting an alarm to get up and water the plants. And my obsessive spin is ready.


I use Word search puzzles to help shut my brain down before bed. I go to sleep better when I do them, but it's better if I do them on paper or in my Kindle touch. The lighted versions on the Kindle Fire HD or My nintendo DS just wake me up more.
As for other games, I have always been a pencil puzzle fan, I have played Video Games since I discovered First person gaming--Doom especially. It's quite cathartic to obliterate demons after a stressful day. I dabble in the Facebook games, but like playing on my Fire because I can get lots of Hidden Object games, which are my current favorite.
Look at the gaming this way, at least you will have some idea of the appeal of video games when Jude plays. Turbo likes to have me look up the walkthroughs when he gets stuck. It's a way to interact when he's deep into a game.


Oh Farmville...T and I had to give that up when we started planning our lives around it. I mean not that bad, but when you are planting things that won't harvest while you're gone over the holidays? You have a problem.


I completely understand. Pretty much every night I either play Canasta or Candy Crush on my phone and it leads me to sleep.

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