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Stacy Uncorked

That sounds like the perfect Mother's Day! You so deserve the queen treatment. ;)

I absolutely LOVE those pics of your mom and MIL - they are stunning!!

I really need to start watching Game of Thrones - I keep hearing all sorts of awesome things about it, plus any show on BBC is stellar! :) Isn't it amazing how versatile some actors are? Love it when you don't make the connection of them between two shows. :)

Love that Facebook suggestion - hysterical!

Aaaaaaaaaah! How can I un-see that last pic??!! :) That's CRAZY. Plus, how OLD is that kid?? Like I said, CRAZY. :)


Ugh at the woman changing a child on the table. I don't at at McD's but still... still!! I have one friend for which I'd like the 'stop hawking your mediocre acting career' button for. But maybe someday he won't be so mediocre? Who knows? Happy Tuesday.


My goodness you and your mama look alike! She is stunning (as I give you sexy eyebrow raises to show that yes, I'm saying the same about you.) And the lady in McDonald's -- maybe that Mickey D's had a filthy bathroom. At least she knows the tables are usually cleaned semi-regularly and she was totally going to use a Wet One on the table after. They kill germs now.

Jan's Sushi Bar

You're not the only person who's given 42 a glowing review, but unfortunately I couldn't drag Beloved to a movie theatre with a chainsaw, so I'll have to wait till it comes out on DVD. Then again, I still haven't watched the copies of My Week With Marilyn, Lincoln or Django I bought yet.

Um, is it just me, but doesn't that kid look a little old to be changed at all?


I got a guilt free nap Sunday afternoon. I had had too much coffee to really sleep, but I had my trusty Kindle Fire with me and well, the time was well spent in peace and quiet and a few Hidden Object games.

I always love it when I identify an actor from one movie to a role in another movie. Some are easy, others shock you.


Oh my gosh, I am a huge Downton Abbey fan and a Game of Thrones fanatic and I had no idea Ser Jerah and Sir Richardwere the same actor! I feel like an idiot.

I love those old pics of your mom. Gorgeous!


Oh wow, that is just wrong! If a place doesn't have a changing table, I just change her in the car. Wow.

And I'd like to add the "stop rubbing your perfect little life in my face" button. I have a particular cousin who is like that. I mean, seriously, Norman F-ing Rockwell might as well be over there painting pictures of their daily activities. Anyway... :-)

Nadine Hightower

I love that guy that plays ser jehar, so hot!! there are so many storylines happening in Game of Thrones that it's a bit overwhelming. The Hub has to watch it 2or 3 times just to get it all straight.


I will have a Spin Cycle Post up tomorrow. Thanks and Hugs!!

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