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very random!
Love it!


The Dove thing killed me, too. Those people were just so darn nice to eachother.

I love the ad directed at kids. I would bet it has much more impact that way. Sort of sneaking behind the "don't tell anyone" wall.

I'm going to hit up the old picture website. I love a good old picture. Hmmm, that reminds me. Someone used to do a meme where they posted an old picture and you had to write a microfiction about it. I may have to go back and find that person...

have a good tuesday!


Believe it or not, my 16 year old BOY teared up when he watched the Dove thing! He told me that it reminded him of me, which made me have to go hide in my room and cry. Why do we do that to ourselves?

I'm a (sorta) new blogger and love your blog. I would love to join you for RTT!

Jan's Sushi Bar

Okay, you got me crying first thing in the morning.



I got sucked into Retronaut a couple months ago and seriously, I sat there for HOURS. I liked all the photos of abandoned places.

Stacy Uncorked

That Dove commercial had me all teary-eyed, too.

I love cool old pictures! I'll be scoping out that website thoroughly later. ;)

Too funny about the tobacco farmers now planting chick peas!

That child anti-abuse ad is really cool!


You are right, that site is right up my alley. There is nothing better than old photos online.
The anti-abuse ad is genius.
Chickpeas are a staple at our house. Nice to know we are on the cutting edge of something. :-) And they are pretty good.

Janice Adcock

Enjoying the random blog today! You find the coolest things to share! The county we live in has the highest reported abuse rate in the state. Would like to think is it is not that there is more abuse, just better reporting. Worked with the then Family Services Dept. in the late 70's early 80's promoting the reporting of abuse via hotlines.


Shut the front door with that Dove ad. I was crying half-way through.

 Elizabeth Aquino

I love that retronaut site. I scrolled down to some hilarious photos of David Bowie, his wife and their baby Zowie Bowie. You HAVE to go see them.

As for the Dove ad, I don't know. There's something very contrived about it to me. It gets on my nerves.

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