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Paula Kiger

So cool that you focused on a positive -- I wonder if we watched it -- we were stationed in Puerto Rico on a navy base at the time (I think) and we didn't get as much "regular" tv as in the states - I definitely don't remember watching it like you did. That must have been monumental!!


That was beautiful. How true, that most of our national memories are tradegies. I remember watching Diana and Charles get married on TV with my Mom. We got all dressed up, and made tea and scones. How often do you see someone become a princess, afterall? Twice in my life, so far (and yes, I did watch Will and Kate...)


Great post! Such an uplifting news broadcast which we never see anymore. We need an event of this caliber to make our nation proud of itself again. Sadly, you may be right that it may never happen again.


I remember when the Berlin wall fell. I was 16 and very interested in World War 2 history and by extension the cold war. It was very fascinating to me to see the wall fall.

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Good question! You know, I don't think I remember too many good things on TV. The news outlets seem to focus on tragedy and not triumphs.


That was an exciting event! I remember watching it with my family. It would be great to see more positive news stories. Something worth watching.

Ms M

Great post. I do not recall this, although my mother tells me I watched it on TV. I was only 2 weeks at the time, but she always told me how she held me in front of the tv to watch this big historic event and don't I remember it?


Wow! I can't even imagine watching the moon landing. Such an amazing feat for humankind. Good one!


I'm so glad you went with this memory to share. I enjoyed reading it! I have the same list of all the other events, but you're right, this one stands out as a triumph. It's also a memory I don't have for myself, so thanks for sharing yours! ;)

Janice Adcock

I sat in my parents tiny family area along with my husband and younger sis. My Grandma Rogers had lived long enough to easily remember the first manned flight at Kitty Hawk. Then in her final years watched men walk on the moon. Our middle grandson was born on the 40th anniversary of this event. Good times. The world watched and prayed together for Apollo 13. And the whole world was a one for a brief few days. That is a real memory that ended better than even Hollywood could have written!


I love that she got you out of bed to share that giant leap!

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