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Jan's Sushi Bar

I can't stop laughing - oh, your poor Mama, with dirt under her fingernails. She must have been mortified. I also hope she got to say, "I TOLD YOU SO!" to the hospital staff.


I'm with Jan. I cannot stop laughing. Seriously, Imagining your daddy's face at, "Nope. That's not the episode." HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Sadly, I've never inquired much about my birth story. All I know is my mother's water broke while she was cleaning. I was due in just a few days. She finished the laundry and dishes then went to the hospital (I was her third.) They wanted her to stay but she said she was just checking to make sure I was ok, that she had other things to do. So she picked up my sisters from school, went home and polished the hardwood floors by hand. I was born later that evening.


You were eager to get here just like my boys were. No being late for the show there.
I have great admiration for my mother--she was pregnant in August in south Florida when she had me. My due date was July 27. My birthday is August 22. I was a ten month baby. No fun for her.
The most vivid thing she remembers about the whole thing is after she had me and they weighed me, the doctor told her I was 7lb 11oz. For the life of her, my mother couldn't understand why the doctor was talking about 7-11 stores at a time like that, she just had a baby!

Nadine Hightower

what a great story! I don't know mine. So I guess it was not so great. My mom was 17 so maybe she suppressed it. Lately though things have been "leaking out" that I didn't know. One day maybe the story will "leak out".

And I love Rawhide!! I know how your Daddy feels about missing the ending.


funny! Mothers always know best. At least when it comes to having a baby! I guess by 1961 they were letting the father's into the delivery room. I was born 4 years earlier, and dad's were forbidden to see the delivery.


As a gardener, I have apologized for the dirt under my nails more times than I can count. That is a great story. Don't know much about mine other than my parents walked around a little lake while my dad timed the contractions. Oh and that the nurses were sure that I was going to be a boy.


My mother would have likely committed murder if she were treated that way by the nurses, since she was a nurse at one time. Sorry that your dad missed Rawhide--that Clint sure was a hottie back in the day!


I absolutely love this story! Your mom looks beautiful after the whole ordeal.

Dyanne @ I Want Backsies

When my mom went into labor and went to the hospital, they tried to send her back home, saying she wasn't ready yet. She refused, saying my older brother was already spending the weekend with relatives and she was going to HAVE THIS BABY TODAY. She won and had me that day.

P.S. I am 6 months older than you. Just throwing that in there.

medium success

Your mom doesn't look the 'older mother' at all. And that is lovely picture you have there. Guess your mom must have felt pretty triumphant when she was right that she was having the baby right then. :)

Mo @ The Baby Is Fine

I love that photo! great story to go along with it, too :) Hilarious that she was called an "older mother" - times have changed! When my mom had my (twin) little sisters at age 40 back in the '80s she got similar reactions from lots of people, but these days I don't think anyone bats an eye at a 40-year-old in the delivery room.

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