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I may need to try that recipe! And cute cute nail polish color. I love the daffodils. Not sure if it's just here, but at Kroger they always sell them for cancer awareness, and when my Grandpa was still alive, he would buy some to bring to my Grandma's grave for her. It's funny how things like that can trigger memories. I may need to buy some myself.


I miss daffodils. One year we planted them in our orchard. Okay, to be honest, one year I insisted that JR help me plant about a zillion bulbs throughout our 2 acre orchard. He thought I was crazy until they started to bloom. There is nothing better than looking out to see your fruit trees budding and a wash of daffodils blooming under them. *sigh* I really miss daffodils.

Jan's Sushi Bar

I may indulge in the rare gluten-free pasta and make that primavera - it looks *wonderful*.

And my Spin is up!



My goodness how I'd love a box of vegetables and fruit to be delivered to me.


I'm so ready for flowers and everything, but if the weather people are to be believed, we are supposed to get snow next week. I have to keep reminding myself that this is why the bugs don't get big here.

Ginny Marie

I need to have that nail polish! So cool!

One of the disadvantages of being cheap and not having cable is missed awesome shows like Mad Men and Game of Thrones. Boo.

My spin is up!


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