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There must be a law somewhere in the book about men and jumpsuits!! NOT ALLOWED!! Ha


I particularly like the name of that company: Ah Men. Is it supposed to mean like, in a refreshing way? Ahh, men! LOL.

Jan's Sushi Bar

My God. Those jumpsuits...I'll never be able to "unsee" them.

And my spin is up: http://www.janssushibar.com/apple-meet-tree/

Stacy Uncorked

Ahhhh! My eyes! Now I need to figure out how to erase those crazy jumpsuits from my brain. ;)

You should totally plant that onion in a pot - but cut it down to the core and roots first before you do (otherwise you can't eat the shoots, because they'll be a result of the main part of the onion rotting). If you cut it down and just keep the core and roots and plant it, you'll at the very minimum get scallion shoots to enjoy. :)

Those roommate notes are hysterical! I love the burnt toast one, I cannot stand burnt toast. :)


Toss the onion. Next time you buy green onions cut off the root ends and plant them. They will grow another green onion.

Sadly, I remember the jumpsuit phase. Can you say high school graduation pictures.


I love Goodreads! I do get lost there, but it can end up being a bit expensive--I always find books I need desperately after browsing there.


Goodreads is awesome! It's how I keep track of books I want to read. I'll look you up.

Omg, those jumpsuits. Star Trek!!

janice adcock

Jumpsuits = no butt cracks on appliance service persons. So my dad wore a poplin version of these things till he died at 89 years old. And, yes, I remember when these were hottie looks. Along with platform shoes for the guys. Dang, I am old.

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