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Oh em gee, I love the Giving Tree video. I really hate that book, so the video is like the perfect embodiment of the story. Speaking of slang words, oh em gee is one of them. I also have picked up "adorbs" and "'kay thanks bye." Irritating.

Terra Heck

I say and write the slang word y'all all the time. That's one dead give away that I'm a Midwesterner. The choir looks lovely with their hats on and the church is very pretty. Glad to hear you had a good Easter.

Sprite's Keeper

Sprite had a pseudo egg hunt this year due to all the sick that was hanging around our house. And since she lost a tooth the day before, she thought the Easter Bunny and tooth fairy were in it together like in Rise of the Guardians. Luckily, she still believes. Jude looks handsome in his Sunday best though!


I use Really!?!, Fabulous, and dude a lot. It's heavily influenced by the boys in the house.


Um, Terra? Y'all is a real word to even us semi southern folk. I'ma need you to choose something else. HA.

My whole family says 'sup (even the boy), complete w/the head nod. If I want to be really hood, I'll say 'sapnin (and sometimes, only sometimes, I'll add mah man on the end.) I still say word. Does that count? And I still say yo. Oooh, I know. To irk the girls I'll say for reals.

Palm Springs mmmmmm. I wish. My girls are gone to Massanutten, VA with their aunt until Thursday. So far they've bungee jumped, zip lined, swam, visited Luray Caverns, tie dyed some shirts, and gone to a petting zoo. I've gone to work. womp womp womp


Oh, I say "ermagehrd" a lot. I pronounce it differently every time and it is accompanied by a very unattractive facial expression.


I guess I only really piked up "my bad" for a time, which I actually hate more than anything. It's grammatically incorrect anyway!


I constantly say "I know, right?" after someone says something to me that I already know!

Janice Adcock

Great Easter pictures. Love the diversity in the choir. Ours is mostly wasp. Dude, is wasp slang, and y'all is not slang, it is shorthand for a whole lotta folks whose names I can't recall. And the vid is a riot given the presentation setting! Naw, I don't think of much else except just sayin'.


Palm Springs? Man, I'm super jealous, too! And your church is beautiful!

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