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I have a friend whose 5-6 year olds love to listen to music on ipods but my son has no interest. I guess maybe it's best to wait; I don't know if I could handle the shock!


Oh, thank you for starting off my day with a Louis CK clip! I love your post, as well, by the way. But... don't forget that Louis has a new HBO comedy special "Oh My God" THIS Saturday at 10pm. (He's really going to have to start paying me for all the promotion I do.)

Jan's Sushi Bar

I always thought I'd embrace The Empty Nest with both arms (and maybe throw it a party), but I can't tell you how *hard* it's been to live so far away from my two older kids. I am SO glad The Young One is going to college close by; I don't know what I'd do if he were going to school far away, especially in another state.


Turbo goers in spurts for music listening--he has a CD player in his room, but has yet to really want to listen to music on his own. I think an MP3 player will be on his Christmas list this year.
Those dolls are wonderful.
Bruiser is totally stuck on the Bearenstein Bears right now. I really wish he'd get over it and we could move on. There are entirely to many of those books too.

Nadine Hightower

Are you kidding me??? $1200??? I gave away most of my totes and only trying to sell them for Twenty Flipping Five Dollars!!! And they were good bags!! I told folks I would go into the voodoo doll business but you have to have a certain MoJo and I don't have that. Bad Luck out the wazoo but Good JuJu... no.
So I guess you'll just have to play more poker to get a dollie!

I'm working on my "inspirational" spin. I'll let you know.


My 12-year-old is really into her iPod. The sitting in the house w/the headphones on irks me, though (as does the sitting in the car or walking around Target. TAKE. THEM. OUT.) Anyway, we still have our record player (and a whole lotta vinyl because we are super hip and cool and hapnin'). There's something about the pop of a record.

Stacy Uncorked

Just wait - once he turns 10 but before he turns 11, he'll be toting around a Kindle Fire watching Minecraft Videos and playing Minecraft Pocket Edition (which, BTW, was one of PN's 10th b-day gifts, the Minecraft Pocket Edition for her Kindle Fire). ;)

$1200 for those dollies? Sheesh! They're cool and all, but they're one of those things I look at and think to myself "I can just make one like that and save a boatload of money." ;)

That Louis video is HYSTERICAL!! :)

Monday Madness saved by Twitter Honor, Menopausal Mother Nature and Doppelgänger Fun: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

Jan's Sushi Bar

Okay, I finally watched the "Clifford The Big Red Dog" video, and I'm a little ashamed at how hard I laughed.

I did.

I laughed.


Sarah at 32Flavors

We're getting awfully tweeny over here as well. There's primping. There's "Does this outfit look ok?" YIKES.

Oh, Clifford. That had me in tears. I need to get loads of work done, but I'd rather go on a Louis bunny trail.

Jan's Sushi Bar

Hey, ma'am - my Spin is up!


Ginny Marie

Oh, Emmy loves Clifford! He's her favorite Big Red Dog. Fortunately she likes the TV show better than the books, and I have to say...this is the ONLY time I will admit the TV show is better than the books!

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