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 Elizabeth Aquino

Good lord. My word.


I'm thinking Good Lord. But, I can't judge, I guess. But I'm not sure how legit this can be, you know?

Jan's Sushi Bar

I think "good fun" but I understand the "good Lord" response, too. It would be a lot easier to take it seriously if they weren't pretending to ride brooms.


I've heard of this before but than I work on a college campus and my niece who attends UCLA mentioned it.
My feelings; in the words of the great Molly Ivans when commenting on Kinky Freidmen's run for governor; "Why the hell not".


Now I've heard of book imitating real life, but life imitating books? Come on!

janice adcock

My first thought was I have to share this link with a couple of my Harry Potter friends. What a hoot! Sort of Comicon for Potter people. My post on quotes is up for your pleasure.


To each their own. I guess. I have heard of this before--it hasn't come to our campus. I think we are too small.

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