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Jan's Sushi Bar

All we ever watch is Good Morning America and we can't get away from this mess of a trial. If they don't find her guilty and impose the death penalty, I'll be astounded.

Of course, I said the same thing about Casey Anthony.


The sensationalistic nature of most "news" stations has driven my news junkie husband to reading his news in the Internet and watching Jon Stewart.

 Elizabeth Aquino

Maybe it's Jimmie's version of watching incessant sports? If so, I'm with Jimmie.


During the Casey Anthony trial, I posted that Nancy Grace was "execrable." So, you see, she's not all bad: She's a vocabulary word. (Hint: Look it up.)

Stacy Herman

Patrick's 93 year old mother is also obsessed. I don't know what she will do for entertainment once this is over......


My parent are glued to that thing! It dominates their conversations...


I think it would be impossible for me to care any less about her or her trial. (I can't recall ever being interested enough to watch every minute of a trial although yes, I've been curious about some details of a few.) I do remember watching OJ's verdict, but just the verdict, not the trial (boy, was the office climate different that day.) And I remember having interest in Susan Smith and Andrea Yates but again, it's always just been a cursory interest rather than a must see/must know/cannot miss. Poor Jimmy. Where'll he get that fix now? The fetus/infant murderer is barely even discussed (and I'm not sure his character is worth studying.)

And Darren's right with Nancy Grace being execrable (no need to look it up; it's one of my favorite words).

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