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It was pleasant here yesterday and I think it will be today also. We are enjoying it now because summer won't be pleasant.

 Elizabeth Aquino

I tend to say "glorious" about our weather here. Your photos certainly are!

janice adcock

Beautiful pictures. Looks pleasant to me.


As a Disneyland blogger, I frequently get questions like "How do I get to the beach in February? I can't wait to swim in the ocean!" and have to answer with "Trust me, it's frickin' cold on the beach in February." So I agree. Southern California is not hot year-round, it's pleasant. Tourists need to adjust their expectations appropriately.


DC is a veritable bowl of unpleasantness right now! Spring comes, spring runs away. Spring comes, spring runs away. I tend to overuse mild when describing the weather (unless it's 80+ in which case it is FANTASTIC!)

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