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Wow, go Jude! And what an awesome pic!


Ya gotta love a man that will purvey food for you after a long hard day at the track meet.

Go Jude and the long ass name of his school!


Hot damn. I do love track and hope that one of my girls (mainly the middle one) will opt for it one day. And you're right; it's a great sport because of its sole reliance on the runner, nothing more.

 Elizabeth Aquino

Yes, the exhaustion of sports -- it's a unique thing. After watching three baseball games and a college lacrosse game on Saturday, I thought I was going to die of tiredness, and I actually went to bed at the unheard of early hour of 9:00. But I was just so damn tired.

I love the picture of Jude running -- so much motion and beauty!


That's a great picture!

That does sound like an exhausting day though. I'm glad Xander isn't quite there yet. Also, he seems like his patience for Participating In Things might never be that great.

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