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I have never poached an egg. Not a huge fan of eggs in general, but this sounds interesting. If I get brave, we might have to try it.

My spring spin has sprung:

Mama Melch

I once ate at this restaurant whose poached eggs came out in balls. I've always wondered how they did it. This looks scrumptious and I will definitely be trying t a vegetarian version soon.

Anna @ Gone Banannas

Ohhhh my oh my. I LOVE poached eggs. Eggs benny is actually my favorite breakfast so this sounds stupendous and I will most definitely have to try it! Thanks for the recipe! Oh, and visiting from Mama Kat's :)


I don't really care for poached eggs, BUT I have fallen into wanted fried eggs every day. I am a soft scrambled egg girl so I'm not sure about where the over hard desire is coming from but mmmmmm.

And talk to me about The Casual Vacancy now.

Paula Kiger

Sounds delicious!!

Janice Adcock

You are just such a multitalented person.


I too am a poached egg fan and will eat them on most anything. Have you tried baking eggs in tomato cups with pesto? AMAZING! I posted that recipe a couple of week ago.

Ginny Marie

I love poached eggs, but have so much trouble making them! I'm definitely checking out the Smitten Kitchen's post!

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