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The part that fascinates me is that they are not necessarily getting meals without cooking. The foraging part you tell of, I cannot imagine. Nor the hosting of parties without a food plan. Wow.


Eh, everybody is weird in some way, I guess. Food is theirs. I wonder what it was like in their houses when they grew up, though? Did their mother's not cook, either? Hmmmm.


Since, I thought it was important to teach my children to find/forage their own food from a young age (I called it a lesson in self sufficiency not that I was too lazy to cook that day). I've got nothing except artistic temperament?

Jan's Sushi Bar

Yes, it seems an extraordinary aberration - do your friends not own a microwave? I know people who simply do not cook (not that I understand it :P), and sure, they eat out a lot, but they also have lots of things like microwavable dinners and boxes of cereal in their homes. The fact that your friends don't seem to buy food at all strikes me as really...ODD. That sandwich thing was kinda creepy, too.


I've known the other type of forager--the dumpster diving kind that haunt the dumpsters of grocery stores, but not the non food buying kind.
However they manage, they are still getting by, so eh, to each their own, I guess.


It is remarkable that they eat this way, but I agree with VandyJ -- to each his own. They're eating, the daughter is alive...that's it.

I cook every night. Sure, there are random weekends where I may not, but it's not usual. My friends joke that I am the only of us who cooks regularly, especially full meals, even on weekends.


If I had no children or a spouse I would be fine cooking maybe once a week. I would do well with eating cereal. Maybe a grilled cheese here and there. I am just not a big-meal type of person. But I would never forage. That just seems really strange.

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