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Oh poor guy. I have one of those pictures from the 8th grade. I thought I was looking pretty good that day but after pictures surfaced it was definitely not the look I was going for. I'm sure he'll bounce back and within a week people will forget about it. I think it is a major battle all kids have.


The nice thing is that this is fourth grade. The social stigma won't last long. Now if it was say Freshman year, there'd be no living it down.

Tina Erickson

I think he looks so cute, really cute kid.


Oh my god! It is really bad but somehow so adorable all at once! I mean, I guess it's bad from his pov but cute from ours? It's a keeper, that's for sure!


I'm with Becky. It's pretty bad. But at the same time it is endearingly cute.


I agree that the picture is endearingly cute. But if it bothers Jude, can you take a new photo? Assuming he has the certificate, just have him hold it up, take several shots and let him pick the one he likes, then have it printed in the same size as the one that's currently hanging in the school. Take it in to the office, and ask if you can swap the new photo for the old one. Bonus: You keep the "Fregley" version for a keepsake.

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