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I need to check out that program. I work from home a lot and it would make that whole "home office" expense seem reasonable to the IRS. Now, that I think about it you might be able to take all that time off on your taxes as a charitable expense. Oh and I have all sorts of busy work for you to do. Just sayin' since yours will run out in a few weeks. :-)

andrea-maybe it's just me

It sounds like you have logged almost enough hours to be the VP of literary operations! Could they at least fling a free book your way!?


I admire you--all the volunteering. I feel I'm doing good to go on the field trips Turbo takes in the spring.

Janice Adcock

With coordinating two upcoming events, one of which will be over by this time next week (doing the happy dance just thinking about that) you have my sympathy about dealing with volunteers. Could not do the event without them. Need a few more to use the "little grey cells" as Agatha's Poirot would say.


oh my gosh that is a great invention. i would hate to time stamp my hours coordinating the lacrosse league because I'd be owed thousands and thousands! Good luck with the Book Fair!!


The more you volunteer, the more people seem to think you have All The Time. Wouldn't it be nice (yet wildly aggravating) to see how much money we're missing out on with the completion of daily chores?

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