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I remember having hair like that in high school. I can't remember what we did that helped. Rinsing and washing the chlorine out right after getting out of the pool helps.

andrea-maybe it's just me

Oh, I do remember the swimmers at our high school having some different hair! Swimming cap?


Is that a grill on Lochte's teeth?


I'd try coconut oil. Let it soak in overnight.

Jan's Sushi Bar

I hope there's no such thing as "swimmer's teeth" - that first guy there is frightening.

I agree with Michele and Lynn - wash and rinse it as soon as he's out of the pool, and condition it with coconut oil overnight. Either that or buy him a bathing cap - do they even make those any more?


When I swam in high school I used an anti-chlorine shampoo right after getting out of the pool. I also wore a swim cap which helped, but the guys hair always had the shiny, straw-like look during the season. So far we haven't had issues with Turbo's hair, but that could change when he's swimming more.

The Red C

My BFF in grammar/high school was a swimmer and she really had hair problems! One thing that helps: get your hair wet with regular old tap water BEFORE getting in the pool. The second thing is using the olive spray made for African American hair (both help repel the chlorine, but the AfAm olive oil products restore some of the shine and flexibility to the hair so it's not so straw-like).


My 'hood is overrun with swimmers, and from what I can see there's nothing you can do about the Look. Just be glad he's not begging you for a grill, a la Lochte. (who is, I'm afraid, sort of a douche.)

And I hear you about those teen male swimmers. Not Looking, NOT. But if I were, I would be highly appreciative, in a very abstract kind of uncougarly, human-body-as-art manner, yes I would.


No clue. 1. I can't swim (I know, I know!). 2. I'm elbow deep in little black girl hair that won't fit into a swim cap, so, I got nothin'.

unmitigated me

My colorist shared this...get your hair completely soaked with shower water before getting in the pool. Once the hair's cuticle is soaked, it won't soak up any of the chlorine water. Then use the miracle product (miracle = inexpensive yet effective); a little tube of Redken Outshine 01. About 6 bucks for a tube...rub it in his hair before drying.


I would also highly recommend the Tangle Teezer brush. It's amazing and ouchie-free.


I swam my whole life including college and everyone used to tell me my hair looked like spun gold and I took it as a compliment. I always heard that i should get my hair wet with plain water before getting in the pool but who wants to do that? Not me as a teenager. :) I don't think there is anything to do with it other than wear it with pride, or keep it short.

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